30 October 2013

NU'EST stole hearts of L.O.Λ.E. in Singapore

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Vizit Korea 2013 featuring NU'EST in Singapore with LOVE showcase marked their 3rd visit to Singapore. NU'EST touchdown in Singapore on Thursday, a day before the press conference. NU'EST made an appearance at the press conference/opening ceremony of Vizit Korea 2013 and performed as the opening act with their titled song "Sleep Talking". The boys' full scale showcase was on 26th Oct (Saturday) while A-PINK's Secret Garden showcase was on 25th Oct (Friday).

NU'EST kicked start their show with "Beautiful Ghost", a powerful dance song from their latest album "Sleep Talking". NU'EST performed a total of 8 songs excluding encore song "Beautiful Solo" and "Sandy". The songs included are "Beautiful Ghost", "Action", "Hello", "Pretty", "Sleep Talking", "Introduce Me To Your Noona",  "Not Over You", and "Face". Aron, the oldest member of the group, born in 1993 is from LA. He speaks fluent English and was communicating with the crowd easily.

During the Q&A session, Baekho admitted that he wanted to visit the Singapore Flyer. In terms of delicious cuisine, NU'EST wished to try Chicken Rice and Singapore's well-known Chilli Crab. To further promote Korea, NU'EST introduced a few traditional Korea games that they love to play to their Singaporean fans.

NU'EST hyped up the crowd when lucky fans were picked on stage to get a gift from the boys, not to mention hugs too! Lucky winners were granted a group photo with NU'EST, leaving them with a smile on their faces. NU'EST also prepared something even more exciting! They brought their personal items to give it out to their fans! Since the emcee said only fans who can cheer the loudest would have the chance to win, fans were roaring. Baekho brought a cap, Aron prepared a tee, JR gave away a compass he used to have it during his elementary school to a fanboy, Minhyun got his stripped tee while Ren left fans going crazy with his stylish backpack.

The performance ended with 2 of the encore songs, "Beautiful Solo" and "Sandy". NU'EST then came back on stage, ready to get the high five session going. All fans with mosh pit tickets were allowed to join the high five session and get close to the boys. Vizit Korea 2013 definitely introduced Korea to Singaporeans a step further. NU'EST were grateful to be representing Korea to promote their culture and country. The boys hoped to be back soon and thanked their fans with a bow. Besides, NU'EST had their stage outfit changed 3 times throughout the showcase too. It was definitely a sight for the fans.

Vizit Korea 2013 has brought Korea to Singapore by exhibiting a variety of Korean culture such as traditional games, authentic Korean food, trendy Korean clothings, hot tourist spots, and newly launched beauty products. Fans who went for the Kpop artiste can also land their hands on official merchandise of A-PINK and NU'EST from the exhibition booth. It was impressive that autographed shirts signed by NU'EST were all sold out the night after the showcase. It was overall a great performance from the boys and a successful and informative exhibition put up by Vizit Korea 2013, organized by MediaCorp VizPro International Pte Ltd (VizPro) and The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore, co-organized by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and CS Company.

Click here for more photos taken at NU'EST showcase:

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