29 October 2013

A-PINK and Pink Panda's Secret Garden in Singapore + press conference featuring NU'EST, Song Dong-il and Lee Chae-young

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Vizit Korea 2013, a Korea Festival held at Singapore Expo from 25 - 27th of October 2013 ended successfully. It features a variety of Korean products and brands set amidst a thematic backdrop with experiential activities including cooking demonstrations,  food sampling, hair styling and makeover sessions, K-Pop contests, complimented by entertaining stage programmes. The highlight of the event was definitely the special appearance of the Kpop artistes. A-PINK, NU'EST, A-JAX, actor Song Dong-il and actress Lee Chae-young & Lee Yu-ri paid Singapore a vizit to promote Korea.

On the 25th October 2013, A-PINK, NU'EST, Song Dong-Il and Lee Chae-young have attended the opening ceremony and press conference of Vizit Korea 2013. NU'EST and A-PINK was asked whether which place they would recommend for people to vizit when they are touring in Korea. Aron recommended Dong Dae Mun as it is a place where you can shop and have fun in Korea while A-PINK suggested Jeju Island, the biggest island of Korea.

When they were asked whether who is the member who have the best variety skill, A-PINK chose Eunji while NU'EST chose Ren. The crowd then challenged A-PINK a question, asking whether will they try to go for a sexy concept in the future. Eunji responded that they are happy with the cute concept they are working hard on now and it suits them the best.

Question for Lee Chae-young was whether which one does she feel more comfortable, modeling or acting? As professional as she is, Chae-young chose both of it but she would love to improve as an actress and focus on acting more. I'm sure fans of Lee Chae-young can expect a better film or drama from her soon.

Song Dong-il in the other hand brought his family alongside with him to Singapore. He was happy and introduced his son, Song Joon, to the massive crowd. The shy boy stood up and waved to the crowd with his little sister by his side. When the actor was asked whether will he consider to film an episode of "Appa Eodi Ga?" in Singapore, he jokingly replied that he won't be coming back if Singapore doesn't support Kpop.

NU'EST released their new album called "Sleep Talking" not long ago and was asked which song they personally prefer in the album. Aron said he like "Beautiful Girl", and so does Baekho. JR in the other hand prefer "Pretty". Both of the songs are different in their own ways and heart capturing.
The press conference ended with a photo taking session of the Kpop artistes.

Lee Chae-young surprised her fans by hitting the stage as the co-host of the day, introducing NU'EST on stage to perform their new titled song "Sleep Talking". To further promote Korea, NU'EST wore a shirt with the word KOREA and a South Korean flag on it rather than their usual stage outfit. The shirts are available at the venue too. NU'EST with Love in Singapore showcase was scheduled to be on 26th October 2013.

After a powerful performance from NU'EST, the beautiful girls, A-PINK stormed on stage with roaring fans on the floor. Pink Pandas have been struggling to land their hands on the mosh pit tickets. They cheered as loud as they could when A-PINK walked on stage with smiley faces all the way. A-PINK performed a total of 7 songs excluding encore. They are "I Don't Know", "BUBIBU", "MY MY", "U You", "Lovely Day", "Like A Dream", "No No No" and encore song "April 19".

During the Q&A session with A-PINK, the girls have to decide which member is the most popular. Bomi was chosen first as her name was on the first fanboard they saw as soon as they reach Singapore. Naeun chose Hayoung because she thinks that Hayoung is very feminine. Bomi chose Naeun because Naeun is glamorous and you will fall in love with her easily. The event organizers have prepared a total of 6 questions sent in by fans beforehand. Eunji said she likes Chilli Crab a lot while Bomi wants to spend a day at Merlion Park. Namjoo is in love with the Marina Bay Sand swimming pool and would love to learn how to swim. Chorong praised Pink Pandas and said that they are very passionate.

A-PINK also prepared a few gifts for fans. Lucky draw winners were called on stage to take their autographed A-PINK album and also a group photo with the girls. The girls were more than happy to give out hugs too, how sweet. A-PINK has definitely gave Pink Pandas the most memorable gift. After a wonderful and beautiful performance from the girls, A-PINK took a big group photo with the crowd before saying goodbye.

Click here for more photos taken at the press conference and A-PINK showcase:


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