15 October 2012

Wonder Girls with their funky look at press conference

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Wonder Girls said that they are very excited to meet their fans in Malaysia again after 2 years and they are happy to be back here. When they were asked whether is there any plans that JYP Nation might be coming to Malaysia, they replied that there are no plans yet but they would definitely like to come. Sun-ye also marked that she is happy with her relationship now and the other members are really supportive of her which makes her very thankful. She said if there is any further development in her relationship, she will definitely announce it publicly.

When they were asked whether what was the difference between acting and singing, they said that acting was a bit tougher because during their acting days, they had to speak English all the time. Wonder Girls said they are still concentrating and preparing on their US album for now so solo album is still not on the list in their schedule yet but maybe in the future. Hye-rim said she likes Akon because his songs are fun and catchy, Sun-ye prefer Beyonce because she really looked up to her and hope they might have the chance to collaborate in the future. Yenny likes Usher which impressed the medias. Yu-bin likes the talented Katy Perry while So-hee likes Rihanna because she is cool and trendy.

Working at America was the toughest time for them as they had to speak English where they weren't really good back then but it was a great experience looking back now. Facing more and more newly debut groups in Korea, Wonder Girls tried to come up with their own music and they are grateful to see more styles of Kpop. Since JJ Project was one of the new idol group who debut this year, Wonder Girls asked medias to keep an eye on them because they are truly talented.

When the girls were asked what kind of character they would like to challenge in a drama, Hye-rim wanted to act in a romantic comedy or fantasy movie. Sun-ye preferred action movies like Angelina Jolie. Yenny likes Cat Woman and Yu-bin challenged Yenny saying they might have to compete with each other for the action and cool movie. Soo-hee, the maknae of the group said she would like to be a teenager in a movie simply because she wants to wear a school uniform. Isn't that cute?

Lastly, Wonder Girls said fans can expect debut songs and hit songs from them during the concert and also solo stages. Sun-ye thanked everyone for supporting them since their debut and they would love to spend wonderful time with fans at the concert.

Visit here for more photos of Wonder Girls Wonder World tour in Malaysia press conference : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.542779395737471.140074.100000162475506&type=3

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