30 October 2012

Win tea session with SHINee, U-kiss, Teen Top, Block B, Girls' Day, Dal Shabet and more!

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WBS K-pop Storm Concert in Malaysia welcomes SHINee, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Block B, Dal Shabet, Girls' Day, D-unit, Nobrain and The Gwangdae to Malaysia. WBS K-pop Storm concert Live in Malaysia is the 1st ever biggest K-Pop concert as it invites 9 major kpop groups to perform in Malaysia. WBS Concert K-Pop Storm Live In Malaysia will be in town on Nov 6 2012, at Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach.

WBS K-Pop Storm Live in Malaysia 2012
Date: 6th November 2012
Venue: Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach

This concert was started to improve cultural exchange between Korea and Malaysia. These days, many korean pop idols came and are coming to Malaysia and have their own concert here due to the high demand.

This is very impressive as young people in Malaysia enjoy Kpop although all the dances and music are in Korean. In fact, the Korean music a.k.a Kpop has a wide spectrum. Many different music exists in the korean music world such as pop, ballad, rock, hip hop and more. So, this concert has prepared many different types of Korean music for the younger generations to enjoy from the kpop idol music now to k-rock with korean traditional music as Korea would like to introduce the true korean culture to Malaysia.

Furthermore, this concert which are brought to you by mainly by 9 groups with SHINee as the lead on the same stage. SHINee is loved by many Malaysians and people all around the world. Their charms and potential brought them huge fan base in many countries and have held many concert globally. However, this will be the first time for SHINee to step foor and perform in a concert in Malaysia. They truly hope to meet their fans here in Malaysia as it is very meaningful for them and their fans, Shawols.

On stage Artistes are:
SHINee, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Block B, Girls Day, DalShabet, No Brain, D-Unit and The Gwangdae.

Visit our facebook, twitter and offical ticket agency(ticketcharge website).
www.facebook.com/k-pop-storm, https://twitter.com/kpopstorm21, www.ticketcharge.com.my

To put on more smiles on the face, WBS K-Pop Storm Live in Malaysia has decided to lucky draw 9 lucky fans who have bought the RM688 tickets to meet their favourite artiste backstage. 9 of the lucky fans have been drawn out and winners were announced on their Facebook page. Check out the names here! Are you one of the 9 lucky fans?

If you have not buy your tickets and you want to meet your idols in a close distant so badly, fret not! WBS K-Pop Storm in Malaysia heard you and have decided to give out more exclusive passes! This time, 20 lucky fans will be chosen to have a tea session with their favourite artiste! Only fans who bought the RM588 & RM688 tickets are eligible to join the lucky draw contest!

For those who have not buy their tickets, say no to last minute tickets and rush to Sunway Pyramid's Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant to enjoy the 20% off RM133 and RM388 tickets! Limited Time Sales is a special promotion activity supported and sponsored by Our Selective Sponsors.
Today's Special Discount Privilege is sponsored by SHOGUN Japanese Buffet, and exclusively at SUNWAY PYRAMID'S branch! so get them fast!

To hype up your K-Pop buds, the artiste who will be joining this concert have dedicated a message video to their fans in Malaysia. See what they have to say here!

K-Pop Storm Promote Video

K-Pop Storm SHINee Video

K-Pop Storm U-KissVideo

K-Pop Storm Girls Day Video

K-Pop Storm Teen Top Video

K-POP Storm Press Conference Video

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