27 October 2012

Big Bang Alive GALAXY tour in Malaysia stormed under the rain

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The most anticipated concert of all time, Big Bang Alive GALAXY tour concert in Malaysia rocked Malaysia's VIPs under the rain. This is the first time Big Bang stepped foot in Malaysia as a group. Previously, GD & T.O.P and Seungri visited Malaysia once during Korean Music Wave. Big Bang's concert ticket sold out within hours after launched and organizers were forced to add-in additional tickets due to high demand and on-going black markets.

Big Bang created a remarkable day on 27/10 by rocking the stage with their powerful opening. The concert was delayed for half an hour due to the rain but it did not  stop fans from screaming for the boys. As expected, a yellow ocean was formed when the spot lights were off and VIPs lid up their Big Bang lightstick. Big Bang sang Alive and Tonight as their opening song and followed by Hands Up and Fantastic Baby. Without pauses in between, they continued with How Gee and Stupid Liar. Before GD & TOP sang High High, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri had a small talk with fans. Seungri taught fans how to dance to Fantastic Baby's chorus and he described it as a car wiper.

GD & TOP came out as a duo for High High and Knock Out. The fans were jumping enjoying their performance as Big Bang came out again and sang Gara Gara Go, Number 1 and Cafe. These were the songs they sang few years back and was a hit back then. Most VIPs must be well-known to the songs. GD also sang his solo all kill song, Crayon and One Of A Kind. Fans joined him with his famous quote in the song "Why So Serious, Get Your Crayon!". The stage was slippery because of the rain and the boys nearly fell down several times but none of them was severly injured. Taeyang sang his solo songs Naman Barabwa and Wedding Dress. Taeyang slipped and falled when he walked down the stretch of stage. Fans screamed and cheered him up.

Fans turned off their yellow lightstick and led up the blue LED light which was distributed by fan clubs before the concert. Mission accomplised when the yellow ocean turned blue when Big Bang sang Blue. The view was breath-taking as the concert crowd was amazingly singing along to their songs. Big Bang also sang their latest song, Monster. Other than quick songs, Big Bang also sang some slow songs such as Love Song and Feeling.

Seungri made his solo appearance as he performed Strong Baby and What Can I Do. Seungri mazed fans by dancing powerful moves with an armed-force uniform which made him looked smart. Fans went wild when he kneeled down on one foot and slowly took off his sunglasses and gave a strong glance to the fans.

Daesung had his solo song too, Wings. Unfortunately, Malaysia's concert venue was the only open air venue in Big Bang's Alive concert tour, Daesung who was supposed to be "flying" during his song, Wings did not "fly" but he stood on the highest point of the stage instead. The atmosphere turned emotional when Big Bang finally sang Haru Haru and Lies. Haru Haru and Lies were one of the old hit song sang by them which made their popularity sky-rocketted. All VIPs were so familiar with the song and they sing along throughout the whole song. Including Sunset Glow and Heaven, they sang a total of 4 songs for encore.

Big Bang sang Last Farewell as their last song to the concert. After saying goodbye, they left the stage, leaving fans chanting encore. Unexpectedly, Big Bang sang a few encore songs which made fans cried for more. They encored Fantastic Baby and Seungri asked fans to dance along to the song as he just taught fans the dance moves. The crowd went wild with their fanchants. Taeyang suggested Bad Boy for the encore and he made his way down the stage to be closer to the fans.

Malaysian VIPs also gave T.O.P a birthday surprise by singing him a birthday song after Big Bnag sang Haru Haru. During the encore stage, T.O.P danced to his famous bingu T.O.P dance and made a heart shape to the fans. T.O.P definitely captured a lot of young hearts there, way to go!

With Samsung as the main sponsor of the concert tour, Seungri used Samsung Galaxy s3 on stage and took a video of Big Bang and also the fans during their encore song Fantastic Baby. The video can be found here, anyone spotted themselves?

[BIG BANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR IN MALAYSIA] This is the video shot by Seungri in Malaysia on stage using his Samsung Galaxy s3!!! :DD

Big Bang said they will never forget this night as it was one of the best night because they lik the crowd the most! Taeyang said Malaysian fans were the best crowd ever and he stripped in the end of the concert. T.O.P reminded fans to stay with them until we meet again and he will remember each faces he saw. GD thanked fans for coming eventhough the rain was heavy. Daesung said Malaysia Cantik, Malaysia Bagus. Taeyang and T.O.P did a beatbox and rapped Aku Cinta Padamu.

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