21 September 2012

Dearberry revealed new packaged Milk Mask Pack!

Posted by Colene Hyori  |  at  11:27 PM No comments

Dearberry's Facebook page updated photos of their product. What attracted the interest of the fans the most was the Milk Mask Pack. The cover of the pack was Boyfriend's individual photo and also the group photo. Fans are exclaiming at the top of their lungs and just can't wait to land their hand on it. I admit I wanted it too but the postage over to Malaysia is way more expensive than the mask pack.

A fan page of Boyfriend in Malaysia once took order for it but it was due by the time I took notice. I;m finding ways to order this precious thing over from Korea to Malaysia and I hope I can find a way soon. Will let all Bestfriends know as soon as find it. If any Bestfriends have way to offer, feel free to tell me. PM me or leave a mail at hyori_phr[at]hotmail[dot]com

Check out these nicely packaged product from Dearberry!

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