15 August 2012

Jazzy Group released official details on B1A4 and APINK's high five event

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Jazzy group of companies released the details of the high five event last week but was suddenly unconfirmed with their venue. After not more than 2 days' confirmation, they finally announced that the venue will remain unchanged. This high five event is in conjunction with OneFM's The One concert which will also be featuring these two Kpop group. Check out the final deeds of the high five event for both B1A4 and APINK below!

Boys & girls, Both artiste fans meeting venue in " The butter Factory KL" remain unchanged ^^

"B1A4 High-5 session in Malaysia"
Date : 30.9.2012
Time : 4:00 p.m.
Venue : The Butter Factory, KL
Price : RM150.00 Inclusive of one album and one poster(limited to only 400 pax) Hurry book your passes now !!!
Hotline: +603-56221600 , +6010-2694819 (Hp)

"A Pink" High-Five Fans Meeting Session -
Date: 30.9.2012 
Time: 1:00pm
Venue: The Butter Factory, KL
Price: RM150.00 (Inclusive of one album and one poster) Limited to only 400 pax , so hurry up to get your passes now !!
Hotline: +603-56221600 , +6010-2694819 (Hp)

Below are some Q&A from Jazzy Group of Companies.

1. Will they perform songs or autograph during the high five session? Or just high five only?
- The time of the High-5 session is approximately 1 to 2 hours. It will be just High-5 session, there will be no performance, autograph. However, there will be a "chit-chat" activity :)
You are allowed to give present or whatever gift to them :)

2. Is the ticket numbered seated?
- No it is not by seating number, it is free standing.

3. Which album will it be for the free album?
- It will be their latest album.

4. May I know how many passes left?
- Sorry that we can't really tell the exact figures of the passes that are left. But we can tell you that there are still available passes. So hurry up, get ur passes while there are still left :)

5. Is there any taxes included when purchasing the tickets?
- Nope, it's just RM150 per pass.

6. Can I reserve the tickets?
-  Pls call to +603-56221600 or email to cinly@jazzygroup.com to purchase the pass to the High-5 sessions (A Pink & B1A4).

7. Can I book the tickets without paying first?
- Booking is available, but if we do not received any payment; our system will automatically release the passes away :)

8. Please change the venue, it is inappropriate for Muslims.
- The venue has been confirmed n can't be change..
Dun worry for those whom are muslim n underage will still be allowed to enter The Butter Factory, coz at that particular time the venue will be only open for the K-Pop High-5 fans meeting session. Clubbing business hour will be closed at that particular time :)

9. If I want to meet APINK and B1A4, I have to pay RM150 or RM300?
- Rm 150 is just for the pass to the High-5 session only. A Pink and B1A4 is two different High-5 session so the pass is two different thing..
But u can buy the passes at the same time :)

10. Are we allowed to bring cameras in?
- About the camera.. We r still trying to discuss with the Korea management manager to allows camera to be brought in during the High-5 session :) Will update with u guys :)

11. When is the ticket ready? Can I collect my tickets already?
- Passes release date are yet to be confirmed as it is still on process.. Preferable if u can to collect it at the venue on the 30th 0f September where the High-5 session day itself :)

12. Approximately how long will the high five event last?
- Around 1 - 2 hours.

13. Where is Butter Fctory?
- Behind Pavilion :)

14. How can I get the passes I have booked and paid?
- There are 3 ways; which is by coming to our office to collect it, collect it at the venue itself (The Butter Factory), or through delivery (Rm10 will be charge for each delivery) :)

15. Can we pass our gift to B1A4 during high five session?
- Yes, you are allowed

16. Any website for booking?
- You can only book it through phone calls or email.

Step of reserve seat for the "Apink" & "B1A4" as below ya :
Step 1 : call up @03-56221600 or email to cinly@jazzygroup.com to make a reservation on ticket .

Step 2 : Choose payment method either bank in to bank account as below , or by credit card : Bank ACC No : 5123-6117-0626 (Maybank)Company Name : JAZZY GROUP(M)SDN BHD.orCredit card info :card holder name , credit card n
o, CVC no .

Step 3 : ticket collection - collect at venue or at our office or send by courier
(courier fees will charge RM10 in Malaysia)

Step 4 : fill up the reservation info to us

Step 5 : fax (03-56221601) or email (cinly@jazzygroup.com) the proof of payment .

Step 6 : Ticket will proceed will the bank in slip and the info provided.

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