10 July 2012

Boyfriend having a break backstage

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Yeah boys, please eat more. I don't wanna see anymore skinny members. Eat up! Boyfriend updated their official cafe daum with a few backstage photos. They were eating Baskin Robbin's ice cream. Have fun boys!

 YoungMin playing with his ipod

JungMin ah, why did you take off your bandage just because you wanna perform on stage? Get well soon!

Look at how they snatch food LOL

 HyunSeong autographed his polaroids!

 Want a scoop from the maknae? He's feeding~

JungMin, peace-ing with his left hand, poor right hand. No autograph session too :( *i spot an album at the back! 

 DongHyun's killer smile

 MinWoo looking hungry? I guessed he was signing his polaroids, he's holding a pen


 HyunSeong looking moody?

Let's see how our photos came out 

 Ice cream is the best huh? guys?

Yeah! totally 

OK, The camera should focus KwangMin's face, not his hands...

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