28 June 2012

SNSD's SeoHyun celebrated her birthday with close friends!

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SNSD's SeoHyun celebrated her 22nd birthday with some of her close friends in an open-aired restaurant. EunHyuk, being one of SeoHyun's close friends have been tweeting live photos to share with his fans.

He first tweeted, "Last night… I received a Kakao Talk message from Seohyun saying, 'Oppa, what are you doing tomorrow night??' I asked back, 'Why, what's up?' Seohyun said, 'I'm going to have a birthday party with some close friends!!^^' I replied back, 'Then why are you inviting me…' Anyway, I headed there tonight to wish her a happy birthday. Unexpectedly, I ended up being the first person to arrive."

In the next photo with a caption, he tweeted, "We’re drinking juice… Suffocating awkwardness". SeoHyun was pouring him a drink in the photo tweeted.

After KyuHyun arrived, EunHyuk uploaded a group photo with KyuHyun included. Tweeting, "After 30 minutes, Kyuhyun arrived! Still kind of a weird combination. We tried to make it look like a bright environment"

Finally, HeeChul, SooYoung, JinWoon and Amber arrived. Excitedly, EunHyuk tweeted a photo with the caption, "Heenim and Sooyoung arrived!! It’s getting better. But where are Seohyun’s friends…” and “An hour after the promised time, Seohyun’s real friend Jinwoon and Amber arrived!! Seohyun, is this the group photo you were looking for?”

At least, YoonA and Sunny arrived with SeoHyun's birthday cake. Lastly, EunkHyuk tweeted, "YoonA and Sunny arrived with cake!!!! This ended up being SuJu&SoShi&JYP Jinwoon kekeke. I left after that. I heard that Leeteuk and Changmin came after me. Anyway, happy birthday, Seohyun^^."

I wonder why not all SNSD members show up. Aren't they all close to the maknae? o.o busy maybe...

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