08 June 2012

Kpop dance team audition + G.Na wins Music Bank!

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Ahh, I just auditioned for a post in the Kpop dance team in my college, TAR College. We were required to dance to any songs, no longer than 5 minutes. Well, didn't know what song to dance to, I finally chose SNSD - The Boys. I auditioned with my twin sister. We didnt dance to the full song, it was an edited version, to save time. I was shaking so badly cause there were around 6 people judging us? LOL

Well, we got the position at last. And that means that we're joining the dance team and we will be able to learn dancing. There were people dancing to Sistar's Alone, 2PM's Hands Up and 2NE1's I'm The Best. Can't wait for the class to start :)

Anyway, I just watched the live streaming of Music Bank on KBS World. It wasn't held indoor but outdoor. Large crowd, amazing performers. Managed to catch Infinite's Chaser and TaeTiSeo's Twinkle. Infinite's new song gave me a sad feeling. I feel like heartbreaking when I heard it, I don't know why :s

G.Na was the champion. She was out of words and mumbling a lot. Thanking Cube, her parents, her crews,  4minute, Beast, A pink, BToB, not sure whether did she thank her G.Nis. She kept on saying Oh My Gosh and she looked stunned. She couldn't believe she won cause I think this is the first time she's getting the 1st place on music bank.

Switching back to facebook, many people updated the result of Music Bank and I was shock to see people scolding G.Na for winning it over Infinte. C'mon guys, G.Na deserve it and so does Infinite, everybody deserve to win it, they work hard for it, so they earn it. Nobody should argue who should or shouldn't deserve a trophy. Trophy represents confirmation of your efforts, G.Na got it, and she gets it. So fans, don't bash any artist saying they don't deserve this and that, just congratulate them and appreciate their effort for being strong in the entertainment world.

No doubt Infinite's new song is a hit these days, today was the first time I'm listening to it and I guess I'm into it already. Again, I hope fans understand how much it mean to them when they win. :) Kpop daebak!

p/s: I love the way G.Na mumbles when she get nervous LOL

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