14 August 2013

Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider

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My profile, no? My X-file?

A college student is nothing but passionate, curious, engaging and brave. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, exploring, sharing and writing is how I share my stories with people around me. I have been active on blog since 2008, when I was in secondary school (Form 2 and yes, I’m currently 19 years old). As a teenager like everybody else, constant update of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blogger is part of my life. I reserve my weekends mostly to attend concerts, events and do coverage on my social website. Fret not, my studies are not neglected.

I can say that I am a hardcore concert goer since 2005, when I was in primary 5. I’ve attended numerous concerts, events, fan meeting, showcases and roadshows. I don’t deny that Kpop was the fundamental of all these excessive activities of mine (please dont judge me ><) but no doubt music was the thing I was passionate about. I've learned music, specifically piano when I was 5 years old. Music has been my companion through the roller coaster journey of my life. I can speak fluent English, Chinese, Malay and Mandarin. I don’t discriminate any music genre and I listen to songs with different language. This is how I pick up some Korean language by my own, through music and dramas. Music taught me lot. You can find expression, love, emotion, art, and soul in music. MTV have certainly feed my addiction of music.

My MTV World Stage experience

I have proudly attended MTV World Stage 2012 last year and there is no way I could describe the awesomeness but SSCCCCRRREEEEAAAAMMMMMSSSSSS!! The lineup was superb, the stage was magnificent, the songs were phenomenal, the crowd was sizzling hot and most importantly, the venue was superspecialawesome! A stage in the middle of a surf beach? How exceptional is that?
On top of that, Justin Bieber was the opening act, followed by Kara, Mizz Nina and Jay Park. I would never in my life, imagine that I can catch Bieber performing on stage, in front of me, LIVE! It was like a scene that I can only watch through screens. Let’s not forget our local darling, Mizz Nina. I can’t thank MTV World Stage enough by inviting Mizz Nina and Jay Park for the event. MTV World Stage was the reason of the birth of their collaboration song, 'Around The World'. I think they should thank MTV World Stage for that, right?

Screenshot on my laptop of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 winning notification

Screenshot on my laptop of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 winning notification

1. Tickets for 2012
2. Tickets for 2011

I’ve won tickets for MTV World Stage 2012 and 2011. It was a shame I couldn't make it in 2011 because of my major exam, SPM. I was glad MTV World Stage 2012 made everything worthwhile.  I am not afraid to say that I am not only the right person for the role of an insider but the BEST. Looking at the amount of events that I have attended, coverage, update, spamming, pictures, tweets, instagram-ing are not problems to me. That is what I do every time, every minute, every second I attend any events.

Just a few local/charity/youth events to name, I have attended the following:

Ignite Love 3rd Wave Charity Concert 2012 ft Brian Joo and Alexander Lee

 Brian Joo and I

I Will Be There 3rd Wave Charity Concert 2011

Brian Joo and Alexander Lee

1M4U Youth Conference 2013 ft Jason Chen, David Choi and Chester See

Jason Chen, Chester See, David Choi, Jin Lim and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

Twin Towers @Live 2013 ft Demi Lovato, Backstreet Boys & Mizz Nina

1. Mizz Nina
2. Backstreet Boys

MTV World Stage 2012

1. Justin Bieber
2. Kara

My MTV World Stage 2012 ticket

Shout Awards 2012

My Shout Awards ticket

 NTV7 Star Live concert

My Star Live ticket

Nevertheless, as a hardcore concert goer, Kpop concert is one concert too hard to miss! I love how concert attendees do fan chats over Kpop songs, it makes me feel united. The interaction between the performers and fans is just indescribable.

A “few” Kpop events I've attended to name:

AIA K-POP ft Beast, 4Minute & G.Na

1. Beast
2. Invitation ticket

Running Man Sparta Kim Jong-kook first showcase in Malaysia

 1. Kim Jong-kook
2. My VIP ticket

ONE TV ASIA brings Jo In Sung fan meet

Jo In-sung selca using my camera

TVXQ “Catch Me” Live World Tour in Kuala Lumpur

 1. Max ChangMin
2. Uknow YunHo

Twin Tower @Live 2013 ft 2NE1 & Ukiss

1. UKiss
2. 2NE1

Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards (GDA) in Kuala Lumpur

1. Various artiste
2.Super Junior

My GDA ticket

NU’EST: The Face To Face Showcase in Malaysia


My NU'EST ticket

2AM Way Of Love concert in Malaysia


ZE:A showcase in Malaysia


Lee Seung-gi Tonight showcase in Malaysia

      1. Lee Seung-gi 
2. My Lee Seunggi showcase ticket

Big Bang ALIVE Galaxy Tour in Malaysia

1. Posing with Big Bang poster board
2. Big Bang

My Big Bang ticket

Wonder Girls Wonder World Tour in Malaysia

Wonder Girls

T-ARA showcase in Malaysia

1. T-ARA
2. My T-ARA showcase ticket

Jung Il-woo Holika Holika promo tour

1. Jung Il-woo standee and I
2. Jung Il-woo with staffs

Jay Park showcase by DiGi

1. Jay Park 
2. My Jay Park ticket

Alexander Lee first showcase in Malaysia

1. My twin sister and I at Alexander's showcase
2. My Alexander showcase ticket

Exclusive Lunch Gathering with Alexander Lee

1. Alexander beside me
2. Polaroid with Alexander

 A group photo with Alexander Lee

2PM Hands Up Tour in Malaysia

My 2PM ticket

Beast First Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Kuala Lumpur

2. My BEAST fan meet ticket

MO.A Most Amazing concert ft Super Junior, B1A4, Miss A and F(X)

My MO.A ticket

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia

My Korean Music Wave ticket

2AM Showcase and autograph event

1. 2AM
2. My 2AM showcase + autograph session ticket

Lee Min-ho Etude House promo tour

1. Lee Min-ho
2. Lee Min-ho's autographed Etude House file

Ukiss ‘Kiss Me’ fan meeting in Malaysia

My UKiss! Me fan meet ticket

Beast “Shock of The New Era” first showcase in Malaysia

1. BEAST                                    
2. My BEAST "Shock of the new era" ticket

Astro Hitz Exclusive Private Recording ft Beast, 4minute & G.Na

1. G.Na
2. My wrist pass for the recording

JYJ New Album Showcase Tour in Malaysia

1. JYJ
2. My JYJ concert ticket

Rain’s Coming Rain World Tour in Kuala Lumpur

My Rain's Coming concert ticket

Words might not prove me but pictures do. Below is a picture of all the event tickets I have collected since 2007. Some of the events I was seated too far away for pictures, I've kept the ticket as a memory instead.

Check list

Minimum of 18 years of age 
[Born in year of 1994, currently 19 years of age]

Fluent in English 
[Fluent in English, Chinese, Malay and Mandarin]

Able to travel 30 August – 9 September 
[30 August – 9 September is the perfect time as I am having semester break, this job might be the best-fun-exciting-once-in-a-lifetime job to keep me occupied for my upcoming semester break!]

Submit creative social media resume 
[Done! You have just read through]

Have a blog 

Have extended social presence 
[Instagram: ColeneHyori, Twitter: @ColeneHyori, Facebook: Hyo Ri Colene (hyori_phr@hotmail.com)]

Have attended at least one MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 
[Yup, scroll up for my review on MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 ft Justin Bieber, Kara, Mizz Nina and Jay Park!]

*All screen-caps and pictures above are taken and belongs to me despite being credited or not.

My poem for MTV World Stage and Kpop!

Dear MTV, Shall I resist myself or convince myself?

That MTV World Stage isn’t tempting and more events are coming,

Hallyu Wave do shake the darling buds of September 2013,

And MTV World Stage as the biggest event, all too hard to miss,

VIPs, Exotics, Inspirits, Beauty, Primadonna, LOVE, Bestfriends, STAR1, BANAs, ELFs, 4nias, Boice, Baby a few to name,

Taking Korea’s music scene by storm with vocals and charms,

Today, I can be sure of nothing but a spectacular time when you catch Kpop idols live in front of your eyes,

Extravagance did came through my mind,

What with the change of costumes and the huge amount of backstage performers,

With the spotlight hitting directly on the dream guy of many teenage girls and dream girl of many teenage guys,

With the power of Kpop, Rain no longer refers to the Mother Nature,

JB no long stands for Justin Bieber,

Beast no longer exist as an animal,

4Minute no longer stay in time,

Infinite doesn’t mean without beginning or end but will always be there,

Exo is no longer a prefix with external as the meaning,

How much do I love Kpop? Let me count the ways,

I love Kpop to the depth and breadth and height,

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight,

I love Kpop freely, as men strive for Right,

I love Kpop purely, as they turn from Praise,

I love Kpop with the passion put to use,

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith,

I love Kpop with a love I seem to love,

I love Kpop with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of my life!

And if God choose,

I shall but love Kpop better in my next life.

A Note to MTV

I know I am the not only the right one but the BEST candidate to take the role as MTV's Insider. I proved my ability through writing, posting, sharing and capturing. I hope MTV can give me this huge opportunity to become THE MTV INSIDER because I know I can prove to you that you have made the right choice!

Thank you for giving bloggers an opportunity to prove themselves, I definitely need it :)

Colene Hyori

Blogger from ColeneHyori.blogspot.com.

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